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Steven Adler

​​Spectral Analytics Inc. is a nutraceutical research company with the fundamental premise the phytocannabinoid supplementation of the endocannabinoid system through the use of cannabinoids and other nutraceuticals will improve health. As well as their COVID19 research, Spectral has developed additional research protocols with supporting studies for the following conditions: ADHD, PTSD, Autism, Weight loss and Diabetes, Cancer and IBD and Digestive Disorders.

 New York-based biotech company, Spectral Analytics (“Spectral”), which is working with the FDA to seek approval to initiate patient trials for a potential treatment for COVID-19. The proposed treatment consists of a combination of two drugs that are already FDA-approved for the treatment of other viruses that share similarities with the COVID-19 virus that would be utilized off label. Spectral has already received Central IRB approval.

While other drugs are being tested for their viability in treating COVID-19, this study is unique in that it will use the combination of two FDA-approved drugs. Both of these drugs have been studied previously for the treatment of Ebola and HIV. COVID-19 is an uncommonly complex virus, with similarities to SARS but with key mechanisms that mimic HIV and Ebola. The study is taking a very multi-targeted approach that attacks the viral load and replication capabilities of COVID-19 while simultaneously ensuring the environment is unfavorable to the virus.

The clinical research operations of the study will be led by Christina DiArcangelo, CEO of Affinity Bio Partners. A clinical research site has been selected and which will enroll 20 subjects in the initial study, with plans to expand the trial if the initial 20 subject trial demonstrates safety and efficacy in treating COVID-19.

“This study is unique in that we have focused on identifying viruses that have similar characteristics, and are now exploring the potential of combining these drugs to create new effective treatments,” explained Steven Adler, CEO of Spectral Analytics. “The goal is to maximize the efficacy of the drugs in combating the virus, while minimizing the time required for testing, in order to rapidly get these drugs to those who need them most. Because these drugs are already FDA-approved for the treatment of other viruses, these drugs will also be more inexpensive to bring to market than newly-created drugs in a cost-effective manner for the patients.”